Repair of Safes

Repair of safes. Opening Safes

Opening safes of any complexity without damage or minimal damage, with the ability to repair and further usage.
Keys (making from the lock, if lost the last sample).

Repair of safes and transcoding.

Repair of safes – JIf the break is necessary to replace the safe code to undesirable persons who know the old code, they could not open it, the wizard performs a shift cipher. Repair of safes – Also possible locks change, which, in turn, of course, inevitably also leads to the key of the kit in the exchange. The amount of work that must be master to open the wallet depends on the wallet of the model and complexity, and this is reflected in proportion to labour costs.

  • Repair of safes, Restoration
  • Repair of safes – re-encoding of electronic safes.
  • Repair of safes – Manufacturer of all types of keys, including non-standard.
  • Repair of safes – Repair of locks safes.
  • Repair of safes – Opening safes in Jurmala, Riga, Riga district.
  • Repair of safes – Manufacturer keys of safes
  • Repair of safes- Jurmala, Riga, Riga district.
  • Repair of safes – Opening safes.


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