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Opening vehicles SOS Locks Service

The service to open a car you may need when you leave the keys in the ignition got out for a minute, for example, on a gas station. Some types of alarm systems have such a function, that within a few minutes, they themselves are blocking the doors by central locking. Open the lock in this case for the professional is not a difficulty.

Our service is to open the car might come in handy when the machine malfunctions in alarm or the battery sits, and you always use a way of opening the car with the help of alarm. In this situation, even if you keep the car keys in hand, he will open the car. It is necessary to open the door locks. Our professionals have special tools that will open your car without damage.

  • Our professionals open the trunk of the car without damage to the vehicle or glass breakage!

Reveal doors and trunk of the car and the year of manufacture of vehicle size does not matter.
We try to solve problems on the spot lock car doors generated by electronics.
Our service for opening of the vehicle may need to be in a situation where You left the keys in the ignition, took a minute out of the car, for example, at a gas station and it was closed.
Some types of alarm systems equipped with a feature that after a few minutes the door locks Central locking system.

Opening vehicles — Open with Central locking system and in such cases the master will not be difficult

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